The Company’s step-down subsidiary Kawambwa Sugar Ltd (KSL) has been allotted 10,000 hectares of land by Zambian Govt in Luena Farm block, Luapula Province for development of commercial agri projects. We have been working on pilot projects of Sugarcane, Avocado, Marigold, Paprika plantations.

Plans have been made to develop a 1100 Ha world class avocado project over the next 4 to 5 years. It will be one of the largest, technologically advanced and sustainable avocado operations ever developed on a greenfield site anywhere in the world.

KSL’s plan is to develop a world class farm, packing and processing facility by adopting the latest technology, practises and planting the best genetic varieties to produce fruits and oil for international sale.

Projects of this size invariably become high profile brands on the international stage and create their own unique position in global supply windows and market pricing.

KSL engaged an international panel of best-in-discipline experts to prepare a detailed Feasibility Study and other reports for the project headed by Professor Mary Lu Arpaia of the University of California, recognised as one of the world’s pre-eminent avocado authorities. These experts have assessed the property, studied weather data and analysed soil & water reports and concluded that conditions there are ideally suited for the production of large volumes of superior fruit and oil.

Status of the Project :

  • Project will be developed in four Divisions of 275 Ha each.

  • An initial trial block of 50 Ha is presently under development and is expected to complete the plantation during 1st quarter CY 2023. Superior rootstock micro clonal and seedling lines have been sourced from industry-leading nurseries in South Africa and Israel. These rootstocks are presently being grafted with selected fruit scions of the main international commercial cultivars in KSL’s captive nursery.

  • Work on development of a further 225 Ha of land has started, with the first full 275 Ha Division being targeted for completion by the 4th quarter of CY 2023. Procurement of superior plant material is in progress for this area.

  • Development of required infrastructure and associated ancillary facilities are underway, including a state-of-the-art irrigation system, storage and further accommodation.

  • Senior project team has already been recruited and mobilised, and other staff recruitment is being undertaken as required.

  • Applied for availing of incentives available under Zambia Development Agency and made application with Zambia Environmental Management Agency to revise Environmental Impact Assessment.