Nava's Vocational Training Initiatives: Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods

Nava's Vocational Training Initiatives: Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods

CSR Initiatives


Women Empowerment Centre (WEC)

  • Empowering women through diverse skilling programs
  • Offering courses in tailoring, beautician, basket weaving, sanitary napkin making, etc.
  • Nava’s commitment to women’s economic independence and empowerment

Vocational Training Institute (VTI)

  • Providing vocational courses to unemployed youth
  • Assisting in job placement post successful course completion
  • Nava’s dedication to equipping the youth with skills for a brighter future

Skill Development Center (SDC)

  • Imparting training to young individuals in various skill areas
  • Offering courses in tailoring, driving, basic computer skills, and more
  • Nava’s role in enhancing the employability of the local youth

MCL TRAINING institute

  • Technical Training School at Maamba
  • Accredited to Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) of Zambia
  • Provides vocational training and skill development for local youth in trades like welding, electrician training, etc.

Nava has come a long way in its journey to uplifting communities, empowering individuals and families, and creating a sustainable future through vocational training and skill development.