HELP (Health, Education and Livelihood Programs)

The Company believes in extending reach of primary healthcare to everyone. Towards this end, the Company organises various camps in slums and alike areas for general health check-up to provide preventive/corrective healthcare. These healthcare programmes are run on a regular basis to achieve our mission of ensuring good health to everyone.

Nava Bharat undertakes the following healthcare projects/programmes.

  • Nava Bharat Eye Centre
  • Nava Bharat Primary Health Centre
  • Dr. Devineni Subbarao Primary Health Centre
  • Regular Health camps
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes
    1. Safe drinking water
    2. Toilets in Government schools
    3. Hand wash facilities in schools

Health Services

NBEC provides world-class outpatient care, surgical care and nursing care apart from community eye care & rehabilitation program for the benefit of a large tribal and other underprivileged population. The quality of services will be on par for all segments of society irrespective of their financial status.

NBEC is a 9th rural eye care centre of LVPEI which caters to the population of 0.5 – 1 million within the working radius of 50-60kms.

NBEC offers a bouquet of services which include:

Non-paying services

More than 60% of the services are provided free of cost for economically under privileged patients. For patients who are unable to afford treatment, the entire basket of medical services - from consultation to surgical intervention is provided completely free.

Outpatient services

Comprehensive eye examination is undertaken for every patient visiting the facility. In addition, a wide range of diagnostic services are also available for patients.

In-patient services

Patients advised for the surgery can avail of inpatient facilities offered by the centre. Round the clock nursing services are available for the patients who are admitted for surgery or any other medical intervention.

Surgical services

Surgical services are performed on patients who have been advised for the same. Majority (more than 90%) of surgical services are for cataract issues; other minor procedures comprise the remainder.

Support services

An important component under support services is optical and pharmacy services attached to the hospital. Apart from optical and pharmacy, the services like cafeteria, biomedical, maintenance etc. are also included.


Community-based eye care activities are carried out within the catchment area covering all mandals and villages. Community field workers help to identify people within the community suffering from various eye ailments who are then referred appropriately for further intervention.

Primary eye care services (Vision Centres)

As a part of Vision 2020, LVPEI has established vision centres with an objective of avoiding needless blindness.

The Company believes that every child must have access to education. To transform that belief into reality, it extends financial assistance / grantin-aid to projects / programmes that provide education, supply material to children and create infrastructure for schools. This would then ensure quality education to children in rural and semiurban areas.



To promote employment of the unemployed youth, the Company through its Women Empowerment Centre (WEC) and Nava Bharat Vocational Institute (NBVI) provide training, through various programmes, that enhance an individual’s skills which enable her to achieve livelihood on a sustainable basis.


Women Empowerment Centre

To empower women and help them become economically independent and enjoy their rightful place in the society, a Women Empowerment Centre (WEC) was established in Paloncha in 2013.

The Nava Bharat Women Empowerment Centre is a social enterprise that empowers local women around Paloncha area through skill development. Our training program helps local women realise their creative potential, gain confidence in palm leaf weaving and in turn, provide steady employment. The products are biodegradable and environmentally conscious as the inputs primarily comprise locally sourced palm leaves and organic dyes.

WEC is housed in an exclusive building and offers training in the areas mentioned below.

  • Tailoring and embroidery
  • Jute product making
  • Palm leaf weaving
  • Sanitary napkin making
  • Beautician course
  • Garment making