We believe that every child deserves access to quality education and a shot at a bright future.

We run the Nava Bharat School in Paloncha, Telangana, and support the Brahmani Public School in Kharagprasad, Odisha. These schools serve over 2,800 students per annum, and have become centres of excellence in secondary education in their respective regions.

We also undertake numerous education development programmes in government schools around our factories covering several rural areas.


Vignana Dayini Program

Nava Bharat’s Vignana Dayini initiative has developed a mobile scientific laboratory that travels from school to school across the districts we operate in - our lab-on-wheels has visited over 100 schools, demonstrating experiments to almost 14,000 children and encouraging them to carry out experiments of their own.



We recruited teachers to assist in imparting computer education in 57 government-run schools around Paloncha factory. We provided digital equipment to 18 schools, improving learning outcomes for about 3,000 students - designed at IIT-Bombay, K-Yan is a tech-driven academic support system that helps teachers create an interactive classroom with the help of the internet, projectors and speakers.

We also provide free after school programmes for some 3,500 students at as many as 76 schools in the districts around our factories in Telangana and Odisha.


Infrastructure Support

We have also invested in brick-and-mortar projects, including constructing classrooms, hostels and school buildings in tribal areas and for differently abled students as well as supplying basic equipment such as desks to government schools.

We have also built toilets in 20 government schools across the districts we work in - this is especially helpful to female students who, according to research, skip school because they have no access to a functioning toilet.



We also support existing schemes and programmes that seek to improve school attendance. India’s mid-day meal schemes have long been credited with playing a key role in keeping children in school while proving a nutritious meal. And Nava Bharat Energy India Ltd is privileged to be an anchor patron of the Akshaya Patra Foundation.

A centralised kitchen was established in Kothagudem which supplies food to 244 government-run schools, providing meals for over 22,000 students across Kothagudem, Lakshmidevipally, Sujathanagar, Chunchupalli and Paloncha.


Maamba School

The Maamba Development Trust at our plant in Zambia has established and now runs the Maamba Private School, offering pre-school, primary and junior secondary education. Our faculty of 30 teachers educates about 800 students, over 70 percent of whom are local children.

The school is equipped with science and computer laboratories and a well-stocked library.