We at Nava Limited believe that our aspirations as a business go hand-in-hand with the aspirations of the communities with whom we co-exist.

This belief has been driving our engagement with local - and largely rural - communities for more than

50 Years


Sustainable Operations

Our factories, power plants and mills require not just resources and raw materials but also a capable, healthy workforce. And we have long been investing in the communities that surround us.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility has been more than just a requirement - it has been an integral part of Nava Limited's growth as a multinational and it remains central to our operations as well as core values.

Our initiatives focus on
three crucial aspects



Development Trust

Under the Maamba Development Trust, our subsidiary, Maamba Collieries spearheads a number of social and economic development programmes. The trust has made efforts to assist the 61 families displaced by the construction of the company’s thermal power plant. This includes the construction of new houses for every family, as well as a clinic and community centre.

We also support rural communities by providing infrastructure, from roads to drainage systems, and helping farmers access modern agricultural techniques and scientific data on soil and water quality.

Though Nava Limited is a comparatively young company in Zambia, our guiding principle — that our business depends on local communities flourishing — has already led to robust CSR initiatives.