Operation & Maintenance

About the subsidiary of NEPL

Nava Energy Zambia Limited (NEZL)

NEPL is performing the O&M Services for 300MW Coal-fired Power Plant in Zambia, owned by Mamba Collieries Limited (MCL) since 2016 through its subsidiary entity, Nava Energy Zambia Limited (NEZL), Zambia.

As our Operation & Maintenance team consisting of highly experienced Engineers and Technicians we have gained immense experience in handling variety of fuels and different technologies including CFBC, AFBC etc. The team is dedicated and has proven track record of successful and timely project implementation.

300MW Maamba Power Plant

As the largest Independent Power Producer in Zambia, the 300MW mine mouth Power Plant caters to the rising demand for power, accounting for 10% to 25% of the Country’s power generation capacity and thereby contributing to the energy security and economic development of Zambia.

Nava Energy Zambia Limited (NEZL)

  • NEZL executes the Onshore obligations for the Maamba Power Plant.
  • Deploys expertized technical staff
  • Recruits local Zambian Graduate engineers/ Technicians & Expatriates & imparts training
  • Procures necessary spares and consumables

Core Expertise of NEPL

Operations & Maintenance – Our Core Expertise

An establishment based on 25+ years’ experience of the Nava Limited. Equipped with experienced teams that manage Multi fuel fired (coal, bagasse & biomass) power plants. Adept O&M team that can undertake all kinds of modification work, fine-tune operational parameters and maximize service efficiency for Power Plants. Nava Limited has an experience of over 40 years in the Sugar Industry.

In India, Nava Limited successfully managed -

  • The O&M of an Integrated 4000 TCD Sugar Plant with 20 KLPD Distillery,
  • 30 KLPD Ethanol Plant,
  • A 9MW Bagasse-fired Co-gen Power Plant
  • A 20MW Multi fuel (Bagasse and Coal) fired Power Plant

Also took over a 119-year-old Plant, refurbished and renovated it successfully.

Heightened its operational benchmarks.

Transformed the age-old factory into a role model for its contemporaries.

This facility has gained recognition for energy efficiency, with low power consumption and zero effluent discharge.

  • All the effluents from the production processes are treated through reverse osmosis
  • Repurposed to wash evaporation from plants
  • Residue is used for composting materials and organic manure

The Nava Limited strives for the protection and sustainability of environment.

Adheres to Eco-friendly Technologies –

  • High efficiency Electro-static Precipitators
  • Filter Bag Houses
  • Dry Fog System

Ensuring compliance to all national and international standards.

Project Management – Concept To Commissioning

Nava Limited has a team of experienced professionals who dedicatedly take charge of the “Concept to Commissioning” of Power Projects.

Some of our specialities under “Concept to Commissioning” -

  • Preparing Feasibility Study Reports
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports
  • Selection of technology to be used
  • Site selection and layout preparation
  • Preparation & issue of enquiries
  • Review of techno-commercial proposals
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contracts preparation
  • Project Management Services including – Planning, Engineering, Design review, Procurement, Supervision of construction and erection activities.
  • Quality assurance, supervision of testing, commissioning and Performance Guarantee Tests
  • Preparation of Punch List items and systematic closure of Contracts/ Agreements.

Training – Education to Efficiency

  • We have established Training Institutes in Zambia and in India to impart special training in ‘Concept to Commissioning of Power Plants’ and in ‘Operation and Maintenance of Coal-fired Power Plants’.
  • Set up vocational training institutes.
  • We recruit Graduate Engineers/Technicians from local universities and technical institutes.
  • We ensure training in all aspects of Coal-fired Power Plants including - intensive classroom training as well as on-the-job training.
  • We organize industrial visits for trainees, to help them understand the different systems and varied technologies in the industry.

The range of services offered by NEPL

  • Implementation of Multi fuel fired (coal, bagasse & biomass) power plants from “Concept to Commissioning” on Build–Operate–Transfer (BOT) or Build–Own–Operate–Transfer (BOOT) basis.

  • Operation & Maintenance of Multi fuel fired (coal, bagasse & biomass) power plants.

  • Undertaking renovation and modification studies on existing Power Plants, providing suggestions for improving their performance parameters, and ensuring utilization of full rated capacity along with exploring the possibilities to enhance the Plant’s capacity.

  • Renovation, refurbishment and modernization of operating Power Plants to achieve high plant availability and plant load factor.

  • Undertaking Overhauls and Repairs.

  • Safety and Condition Assessment.

  • Residual lifecycle analysis of critical and major equipment.

  • Rehabilitation and Refurbishment of Major Equipment such as Turbine, Generator, Boiler and the Balance of Plant to enhance their efficiency and availability.

  • Undertaking studies to identify the modifications required in the existing systems to facilitate multi fuel firing.

  • Monitoring plant automation and control.

  • Analysing manpower for optimization and effective utilisation.

Our Markets

The group is charting expansion plans across a number of regions in India, Africa and South East Asia by leveraging its core expertise and range of service offerings.